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   Fire, Disaster and Vanning Insurance   
Fire, Disaster and Vanning Insurance
The HBPA Fire and Disaster Policy is an important benefit for HBPA Members. It protects the member for up to $25,000 per horse should his horse die or be destroyed as a result of the named coverages. The coverage is in force while the horse is at a participating race track in the United States or Puerto Rico or in transit in between them. Only thoroughbreds owned by HBPA members which are currently racing or in training to race are covered by this policy.

Limits of Liability

The Company shall not be liable in any covered loss for more than;
$25,000 for any one horse which has reaching racing age;
$300 for each stable pony; and
$500 for tack in any covered loss, and
$5000 for tack of any one covered person of the named insured in any
one covered loss;
$300,000 for any one covered loss arising from and/or related to any one occurrence; and $1,500,000 in the aggregate for all losses during any policy year the total of which is in excess of $50,000 less and except the self-insured retention.

With regard to a horse which (i) has not raced, (ii) is at least two years old, and (iii) is in training to race, no loss for such horse exceed $10,000 if sired by a stallion whose stud fee at the time of foaling was $2500 or less and no loss shall exceed $20,000 if sired by a stallion whose stud fee at the time of foaling was in excess of $2500.

The Fire and Disaster Policy covers the insured property against the following perils:

Lightning        Windstorms
Cyclone          Tornado          Hail     Explosion
Riot     Civil Commotion       Aircraft and Objects Falling Therefrom
Smoke            Flood
Collapse of Bridges or Culverts
Death of Horse by Electrocution

This description is not intended to represent the policy in its entirety.  Refer to the Policy for specific coverages and exclusions.


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